Can Your Business Handle a Huge Influx of Customers Suddenly?
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You're Just 3 Steps Away From Having The Best Year Your Business Has Ever Seen!

If you can handle a flood of new business, I may be able to work with you. I am Sylvan Noel and I'm looking to make one business owner per industry, in each city the go to guy in the area and explode their business! I guarantee success with my internet marketing strategies or your money back!
  • Step 1: Have a Profit and Marketing Audit with me, where I analyze your business and discover the problem areas that when changed will make you the most money
  • Ste 2: I create a gameplan for internet marketing success in your business, and offer you a 100% Money Back guarantee that my strategies will work!
  • Step 3: If we agree to work together, I start implementing the strategies immediately and change your businesses's bottom line forever

Hi and welcome to Tycoon Marketing LLC.  As the founder I, Sylvan Noel, would like to welcome you on your journey to success with your business.  Our primary goal here at Tycoon Marketing is to create strategic plans of success for each of our clients.

We are not your traditional internet marketing company or marketing firm.  Most company’s you hire will get paid whether they produce results for your business or not.  We think differently here, we only want to succeed if we are able to help you succeed.  That adds some more motivation for my staff, and ensures that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Currently we offer two levels of service, for my “120 Day Above and Beyond” clients, and my “1 Year Elite Level Consulting” clients.  All of your strategies and marketing campaigns will be tailored to your business specifically no matter which capacity we work together in, but my Elite clients do see drastically more results since I work more closely with them.

All my clients start out with a Profit and Marketing Audit with me or one of my trained consultants.  We talk for an hour about your business, and about several different areas in it.  We analyze your current strategies, get a grasp of your goals, and make immediate suggestions on how to optimize your sales process.  You will leave the audit with several techniques that you can implement immediately to increase your bottom line.  After the talk, we set a time to meet in a week to discuss a plan.

While you go back to business, armed to the teeth with advice to begin growing immediately, I will go to work too.  Taking the info I gathered from our talk, I begin piecing together a marketing strategy to achieve the goals we discussed.  Our strategies incorporate online and offline techniques so you are able to properly target all your local prospects.  We don’t sell one off services here, we cater to companies looking for explosive growth.  We facilitate this growth by incorporating synergistic marketing strategies that build upon each other for maximum results.

In our second meeting, we will review where your business currently is compared to the goals we set forth from the first meeting.  Then I will explain the strategy I will implement for your business, what each service is for, what kind of results you can expect, and what I guarantee we can achieve together.  My services always come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are ever dissatisfied with results.

If we decide we’re a good fit for each other, we can begin immediately from that point.  We will sign an agreement outlining what services I will provide, what you are expected to do, and the stipulations of the guarantee.  This is to protect both of us, and is only a simple 1 page agreement.

I warn you, working with us can be taxing.  You will see results and more revenue start to trickle in within the first 30 days working with us.  You will also notice a lot more calls to your business and a huge inflow of new customers in the first 90 days, you and your staff must be up to the challenge of handling this new level of business.

If you are a business owner and you think you can handle a lot more customers than you have right now, then let’s get started with a Profit and Marketing Audit.  Call my office at (954) 368-9268 and we will set up a time to talk and see if we’re a good fit for each other.  I refuse to work with any business if I’m not confident I can help them see extreme results very quickly.  If you would like to see these results for your business, call us now!


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